September job search – why is it a good time?

Summer has reached its end, and September is officially here. Bringing with it, a renewed sense of motivation and positivity. The job market seems to pick up speed in autumn. So what makes September a good time to look for a new role?

More Opportunities

The summer period is a slow moving time, due to holidays and many taking time off for childcare responsibilities. In September, many hiring managers and decision makers return to work. At this point, there is usually an increase in recruitment. A refreshed feeling comes with returning to work after a holiday, and a readiness to get things moving again.

Post Summer Blues

While that refreshing feeling will follow some back to work, others are hit with the post summer blues! This can cause many workers to reassess their working lives, having enjoyed their time off and returning to work with a sense of disappointment. Workers may feel inspired to find a new challenge, or just to try out a new working environment. As a result, this will create opportunities for candidates on the job market as people will be handing in their notices and moving on to pastures new!

Looking Ahead

Many hiring managers and decision makers will be looking ahead to the future. They may need to use up their budgets for this part of the year, and they will be considering the gaps that need filling within the team. As September marks the beginning of the end of the year, many hiring managers will be keen to fill their recruitment needs as smoothly and quickly as possible. This means that any long notice periods can be worked throughout the end of the year, ready for January start dates.

A Time For Change

Any logistical decisions and new strategies within companies tend to be implemented in September. The start of a new season is a natural time to start afresh. This creates space and change within companies, often leading to job opportunities.

Post Summer Caseloads

With September marking the end of a slower summer period for law firms, there may be an uptake in workloads. Increased caseloads can lead to recruitment if firms are conscious of their expanding work. Spreading caseloads to new employees can keep current employees happy due to work/life balance!

Alternative Legal Careers

September can also be a good time to explore alternative legal careers, such as legal consulting, compliance, or legal operations, as organisations refine their strategies for the upcoming year. This is a great option if you’re unsure about your career path to partnership and want to consider other options. (You can check out our blog on alternative legal careers here).

Expanding Legal Practice Areas

Some law firms might use September as a time to expand into new practice areas. This could result in job openings for those with relevant experience, or those looking to break into a different area of law.

Whether you’re already feeling the autumnal itch for change, or thinking of waiting it out until January – consider starting your job search now! Opportunities are plentiful at this time, but things do move quickly. Take a chance and find yourself a fresh start!

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