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Lawyer skills – what you need to succeed!

As a lawyer, you will have strong legal knowledge and technical skills that you have picked up throughout the course of your career. However, there will be wider skills that can set you apart and put you ahead of the game. So – what are these skills? And how can you gain them? These are […]

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top tips for interview preparation

NQ Solicitors…What’s next?

Becoming an NQ solicitor is an exciting time, it can also feel a bit scary. You may not be sure what’s next for you. Whether you’re feeling positive or unsure, here’s some things to consider about what’s next for you… Thinking about staying at your current firm? If you’re happy in your current firm and […]

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keeping your job interesting

How to keep your job interesting

The world of work has its peaks and troughs. At times, it can feel stagnant or boring. There are many reasons that you might feel this way – being in the same position for a long time, returning to work after the summer or a holiday, or just due to a feeling of repetitiveness. Whatever […]

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things to consider before looking for a new job

Things to consider before looking for a new job

If you’re thinking about making a move to a new role, there are some steps to consider first. Especially as we approach the end of the year – this is a time that we all consider change. Run through our checklist of things to think about before looking for a new job… Why? Have you […]

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