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So, you want to be a lawyer?

The legal profession continues to be a popular career choice. Whether you knew this was the path for you during education, or you realised this later in life. If you think this may be the path for you – you’re in the right place! Wherever you’re at in this journey, here are some considerations or […]

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handling rejection in your career

Handling rejection in your career

Handling rejection is hard. Whether you’ve been looking for a new role and didn’t get the job that you hoped for, or you were unsuccessful in gaining a promotion – rejection in your career can feel like a setback. So, what’s the best way to move forward and handle rejection in your career? Feel your […]

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useful advice for law graduates

Useful Advice for Law Graduates

As the final semester of the academic year is underway, soon-to-be graduates find themselves wondering ‘what’s next?’. The internet is a big place – and it can be difficult to find advice on the next chapter after graduation. We’ve written many a blog with tips and tricks to help graduates find their feet – so, […]

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Time to consider moving on from your job?

Moving on from your current job isn’t always easy. It can feel simpler to stay where you are – or you may just not know when the time is right to take that step. However, sometimes it is necessary. There are many reasons why it might be time to consider moving on from your job […]

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Lawyer skills – what you need to succeed!

As a lawyer, you will have strong legal knowledge and technical skills that you have picked up throughout the course of your career. However, there will be wider skills that can set you apart and put you ahead of the game. So – what are these skills? And how can you gain them? These are […]

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