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September job search – why is it a good time?

Summer has reached its end, and September is officially here. Bringing with it, a renewed sense of motivation and positivity. The job market seems to pick up speed in autumn. So what makes September a good time to look for a new role? More Opportunities The summer period is a slow moving time, due to […]

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performance review

Performance review – how to approach them

A performance review or appraisal happens in almost any job. For some people, the prospect of this is nerve racking and worry inducing. There’s no need to feel this way! A performance review is a chance for you and your manager/employers to chat about your performance, review your progress, give/receive feedback and set goals to […]

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What’s your type? Finding the law firm for you

Does the type of law firm that you’re working for matter? It’s a question that you may ask at some point during your career. Whether you’re newly graduated and figuring out your journey – or part way through your career and wondering about a change. There are some factors to consider with this question – […]

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Writing a CV

So what is a CV, what should it contain and how should you go about writing one…? It can be daunting, writing a CV for the first time. In essence, a CV is an overview of your work experience and qualifications. Hopefully, it will say enough to encourage a potential employer to invite you to […]

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solicitors - what are your career options?

Solicitors – What are your career options?

Traditionally, qualified solicitors have considered that partnership is the ultimate career goal and aim towards this for their whole careers. This is absolutely still a great option. However, as the legal industry changes and law firms progress – there are other options if partnership doesn’t feel right for you. So, solicitors – what are your […]

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