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How are you today?

Firstly and most importantly, here at RBUK Legal , we hope you and your families are well. These are extraordinary times for everyone and we would like to thank all those who are working so hard to keep the country safe and running. We are still very much open for business, albeit working from home […]

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Merry Christmas!

A festive message from RBUK Legal… Christmas is here, and 2019 is drawing to a close! December has quickly approached us, and Christmas is a great time of year for reflection. What achievements are you proud of this year? Did you do something particularly exciting in your career? We’re thinking back on what we’ve achieved […]

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writing a cv

Job adverts: don’t be afraid of artificial boundaries…

Looking for a new role can feel daunting, especially when you start to look at job adverts that outline all the requirements for the role and you don’t feel like you fit many of them. Some adverts written by agencies or firms can be too specific. This can make candidates feel as though they shouldn’t […]

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searching for a new job

A New Season… A New Job?

As August draws to a close, and Autumn gets closer – you might start thinking about getting a new job.It’ll come as no surprise that recruitment picks back up in September. Many hiring managers and decision makers have returned from their summer holidays and are ready to focus on recruitment again. August can be a […]

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top tips for interview preparation

Interview Preparation

The Job Search – Step 2 So, you’ve secured an interview and now is the time to make sure you’re prepared! If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve put together our best tips and tricks to help. From the moment you enter the building for an interview, down to the minute you leave – […]

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