Struggling with your job search? Keep going!

Looking for a new job can be a task – some say it can be like working a second job! When you’re putting a lot of time and effort into your job search, it’s disheartening when you’re repeatedly getting knocked back. It happens to us all, and the job market is tough but you will get there. Here’s how you can stay resilient and keep moving things forward when you’re struggling with your job search…

struggling with your job search? keep going

Check your CV

Your CV is the first impression that recruiters/hiring managers get of your experience. It needs to be clear, concise and relevant. Sometimes, you will need to tailor your CV to best highlight your relevant experience.
(For tips, check out our blog on writing a CV for advice!).
Additionally, formatting of your CV is important. Keep it simple and submit a PDF if possible. You may not be getting responses if your CV format is thrown off when you’re emailing it out.

Polish your interview skills up!

If you’re falling at the interview hurdle – it may be time to take a look at polishing up your interviewing skills. Whether you’re feeling a bit rusty from being out of practice, or you’re got interviewing fatigue – it’s a great idea to think about your approach and where you might be going wrong.

  • Get Prepped – do your research around the role and firm, make sure you’re well prepared for your interview. We have some great blogs on how to prepare for in person interviews and preparing for remote interviews.
  • Practice makes perfect – speak to friends and family. Ask them to give you a mock interview and advise on where you could improve.
  • Get feedback – asking for interview feedback when you’re been unsuccessful can be a bit daunting but it is the best way to figure out where you’re going wrong. More often than not, you’ll gain valuable insight and come away feeling more confident for your next interview!

Use your network

Networking is a powerful tool in the working world. Developing strong relationships with those in your field is a great way to seek out advice or identify new opportunities. If others are aware of your career strengths, they may be able to refer you for roles or vouch for your skills.
LinkedIn is a great platform for utilising your network and letting others know you are seeking a new role. Professional mentors are another great resource for feedback and advice.
Mentors are usually ahead in their career so will be able to offer practical advice for advancing your career and getting where you want to be.

Talk to recruiters

Working with a recruitment agency is not only a great way to relieve the pressure of job searching – they are also there as a sounding board. Recruiters will be able to talk you through your concerns and ask the tough questions.
Are you being realistic? Do you need to make a side-ways step to get where you want to be? What are your priorities?
A recruiter should want to get you your dream job – so working with one when you feel like you’re hitting a wall is a great way to identify where you’re struggling.

Keep going!
If you’re struggling with your job search, keep going. It will take a few attempts, so keep committing time to applying for roles. You will get there eventually – and nothing worth having comes easy!

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