Solicitors – What are your career options?

Traditionally, qualified solicitors have considered that partnership is the ultimate career goal and aim towards this for their whole careers. This is absolutely still a great option. However, as the legal industry changes and law firms progress – there are other options if partnership doesn’t feel right for you. So, solicitors – what are your career options? RBUK Legal outlines a few positions for you to think about!

solicitors - what are your career options?


Supervising roles are great if you enjoy encouraging and nurturing staff. It’s a key position that keeps departments on track, and ensures that work is moving forward in the right direction. You would have the opportunity to train junior staff, helping them to achieve their potential, while reviewing management information and KPI’s. Supervisory roles would suit those who are strong communicators, have a sense of priority and enjoy problem solving.


Operations positions are a fantastic option for those who are detail orientated, have a strong sense of leadership and have a strategic work style. These roles might include looking at work streams and sources, staff numbers and recruitment. Additionally, developing systems, case management systems and handling logistics and building management. Subsequently, operational roles are great for those who are highly organised and enjoy analysing. Operations is a key part of the success of a law firm.

Professional support lawyers

These types of roles are a great option for those with a keen interest in the legal industry. Responsibilities include keeping abreast of recent changes in the law, precedents and practices. You would follow these changes through research and recent articles, keeping fee earners up to date. Therefore, this type of role would suit someone with excellent technical skills, who enjoys the practical side of law. If you have a real interest in how the legal industry adapts and develops, this is a rewarding option for you.

Business development and client care

The ‘people person’ job of the legal world! If you enjoy working with people, finding new clients to support and raising the profile of your firm – this is a great option for you. This diverse role includes responsibilities like looking at ways to attract business, managing client relationships and marketing of the firm and its services. Business development roles suit those with strong sales skills, who are business minded and those who have a passion for people!

Of course, these are just a few options to think about if your main aim is to move away from traditional fee earning roles. Career progression looks different to everyone – and there are a range of options available to suit all types of employees.

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