NQ Solicitors…What’s next?

Becoming an NQ solicitor is an exciting time, but it can feel a bit scary too. You may not be sure what’s next for you. Whether you’re feeling positive or unsure, here’s some things to consider about what’s next for you…

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Staying put…

If you’re happy in your current firm and hoping to stay on post qualification, it’s a good idea to chat this through with your current employers.
Make it clear that you’ve enjoyed your time there up to now and that you would like the opportunity to stay and continue your career within the firm.
This doesn’t mean that you’ll get a job in your preferred department, or that your current employers will have the capacity to keep you on.
Be prepared for the potential need for a back up plan! Be that an alternate area of law that you’d be happy with, or making the move to a different firm.

Moving on…

You might be considering moving to a new firm upon qualification. This might be your own decision, or you might be in this position due to a lack of opportunities at your current firm.
Regardless of the circumstances, there are a few things that you can do to help make this transition a bit easier…

  • Decide what type of firm you’d like to move to. You might like the idea of moving to a smaller, boutique firm if you were part of a large firm – or vice versa.
  • Chat through your options with a trusted individual. This could be a colleague, mentor or recruiter. You’ll guide you through your decision, and give you a clearer idea of the best move to make.
  • Consider where, geographically, you would be happy to work. If you don’t mind commuting, decide on how far you’re willing to travel. Also think about relocation – would you move to a new town or city for your ideal job?
  • Look at temporary job options – would you consider working on a fixed term contract for a while?

Once you’ve planned for your job search and started looking, you can check out our tips on interviewing & building a great CV here.

Alternate paths…

Some people find that after qualification, they want to reassess and discover new opportunities. If you feel disengaged from the legal profession, or simply want to use your skills elsewhere – this is a great time to take stock and rethink.
Be conscious that it may be difficult to rejoin the profession at a later date. Making a decision like this should be well thought through!
P.S. a career in legal recruitment is a popular choice for those deciding to leave the legal industry!

Whatever direction your post-qualification career journey takes you – ensure that you’re happy with where you end up, and remember to remain positive!

If you’d like to chat through your options with us – we’d be happy to help! You can get in touch here.
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