How to keep your job interesting

The world of work has its peaks and troughs. At times, it can feel stagnant or boring. There are many reasons that you might feel this way – being in the same position for a long time, returning to work after the summer or a holiday, or just due to a feeling of repetitiveness. Whatever the reason, there are ways you can shake off the cobwebs and find that enthusiasm in your job again. Looking to keep your job interesting? Follow our tips…

Evaluating your career goals and taking stock

Career goals are an important part of having a successful and fulfilling career. Firstly, taking stock on how far you’ve come will help you to see how rewarding your career has been so far. Then, think about what you’d like to achieve next! You can set some short term goals, which may help you to see clear steps to professional achievements which will focus your mind and hopefully reignite your career passions!
For advice on career goals, you can check out our previous blog here.

Seek new challenges

You may find that you’re interested in seeking new challenges to inspire excitement in your career. Trying something different, taking on new responsibilities and moving out of your comfort zone is a great way to get a refreshed view on your role.

  • You may be able to take on a secondment in a different team. You may be able to do this with an external firm depending on what your current employer allows.
  • There may be opportunities for taking on a new project at work. Identifying areas for development like marketing or business development are great ways to expand your career and take on a new challenge.
  • Non-work related projects such as social commitees or corporate sports teams are other options to look at that will challenge you in different ways.

Testing yourself to reach new heights can be just what you need to find renewed enthusiasm!

Diversifying your workload

Your routine may feel stagnant when you’re doing the same things day in and day out. If you’re able to, switching between projects and blocking out time for varied asks can help to switch up your working day. Even if you don’t have projects to switch between, trying to break down your day differently could help.
For example, you might spend some time on emails, then focus on your professional social media (like LinkedIn), before attending meetings with colleagues or clients. Mix things up instead of focussing all of your time on sitting at your desk and typing the day away!

Continued learning and upskilling

Sometimes, we need to push ourselves to learn new skills to keep things exciting. This is also a great way to keep up with relevant trends or training in your field. Upskilling can lead to taking on new challenges and projects, or progress your career. Check out our upskilling blog for advice on how you can approach upskilling.
Many companies offer optional training or lunch and learn sessions which will break up your day, give you some motivation and is a chance to do something different in a professional capacity!

Networking and seeking advice

Quite simply, sometimes we just need to get out there and socialise. Networking events are a great way to connect with likeminded peers, chat to those in your field and even get advice! It’s likely that many of your peers have felt stagnant in their careers too. Sharing how you’re feeling and listening to what others have to say can ease your worries!

Look outside of work

Occasionally, work isn’t the problem. When we don’t feel stimulated outside of work, it can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction in the workplace. Having a release outside of work is great for your wellbeing. Taking up a hobby, exercising or engaging with arts and culture can be reinvigorating. Having something to look forward to when the work day ends can dispel those feelings of boredom.

Most importantly, don’t panic if you feel stuck. Try a few of these tips to get energised again – hopefully that love for your role will return.
(If it doesn’t, it may be time to move on – and we’re here to help!)

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