Working with a recruitment agency – for candidates

Working with a recruitment agency? There is no shortage of recruiters out there – and you’ll likely work with a few during your job search. A strong recruiter/candidate relationship is based on communication, honesty and teamwork. To ensure that we work to all of those points, we’ve outlined what you can expect when working with us, and in turn, what we expect from you.

Understanding your needs

If this is your first time working with a recruitment agency, then it’s important to know the basics.

To get you the right job, we have to have a clear understanding of your needs.
This includes your non-negotiables, your geographic preference, what kind of role you want and where you’re up to in your career journey.
Understanding these things helps us to suggest the right kind of positions for you – and get you on the path to your dream job sooner!

Providing you with effective advice

Once we have established your needs, we’re able to provide you with effective and practical advice.
Whether you’re looking to retrain, want to take a step up in your career or you’re unsure what your next move looks like – we’re on hand to talk you through it!
Our experience of the legal job market places us in a great position to help you figure out those next steps.
We have some helpful resources available to email or on our blog that will help to guide you through our job search – or we’re happy to have a general chat if you need it!

Keeping in touch

We aim to get in touch with you promptly after you’ve submitted an application.
Once we’ve chatted through your options and agreed the best course of action – we’ll regularly update you as things progress. We understand that there’s nothing more frustrating than being kept in the dark during your job search.
Our updates will include feedback where possible – and we’ll try to ensure that you receive constructive feedback from clients so that you can improve your chances of securing that new role!
You can also let us know which form of contact suits you best – be it phone call, text, or email – but occasionally, we will need to chat with you via phone!

During the offer/acceptance of a new role

This is an exciting – but also somewhat tricky time.
Firstly, we’ll be negotiating on your behalf. We’ll aim to get to you the best (and most realistic) offer possible. As long as we know where you stand in terms of salary and benefits, this should be a fairly easy process.
Next, the resignation process. It can be difficult, but we’ll offer you support every step of the way and ensure that everything is tied up on our end to make this transition as smooth as possible.
Finally, once you begin your new journey – we won’t leave you to navigate the first few nerve-wracking days on your own. We’ll check in with you to make sure that you’re enjoying your new role and generally be available for any on-going support that you may need – even if it’s a quick friendly chat on your first lunch break!

In return

We don’t ask for much – just a few things to help us keep our relationship with you at its most effective.

  • Keep us updated at all times – whether it’s good or bad news, we appreciate being kept in the loop.
  • Provide us with feedback on interviews within 24 hours – this keeps the process moving along and keeps time wasting to a minimum.
  • Relay all offers from clients back to us – this avoids any confusion and gives us a better idea of your job search.
  • Most importantly – let us know how you’re getting on! Your career happiness is very important to us.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how RBUK Legal works as a recruitment agency and what we’ll do to ensure that we can get you your dream job! We can’t wait to work with you…

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