Law Graduates & Undergraduates… what’s next for you?

Your studies are over and summer is here! It’s a great time to take stock on all that you’ve achieved. As well as taking time for a rest, spending time with friends & family, the summer is an opportune time to plan your next steps. Whatever it is that you choose to do, you can gain valuable skills that will set you apart from other candidates when it comes to applying for your first legal role. So, law graduates/undergraduates… what’s next for you?

law graduates what's next for you

Working a non-legal role

You may not have secured a job in the legal sector just yet – but any employment is beneficial to your transferable skills.

  • Working any customer facing role will equip you with the skills to better handle clients
  • Call centre based roles will give you a confident and professional telephone manner
  • Most roles in any sector will require teamwork and clear communication, naturally improving your ability to be part of a team and get the job done!

Having any kind of job during the summer while you search for a legal position will only enhance your transferable skills and help you secure a legal role!


Working a non-legal role can feel like you’re falling behind on experience in the legal sector. One way to maintain that experience is by doing some volunteering. There are many great volunteering opportunities within the legal sector that will allow you to exercise your skills, continue to learn and boost your CV with current examples of your knowledge and experience.
It also doesn’t hurt that you’ll be helping people out and will feel great about it!

Taking time out for travel

You may decide to take time out to travel. Though it feels somewhat far removed from actively gaining experience to prepare for your legal career, there are things that you will learn and can do in this time to enhance your skills, knowledge and experience.

  • While experiencing the world and other cultures, you will gain independence and form your own opinions
  • It takes a good amount of organisation and time management skills to plan a successful travelling trip!
  • You might decide to learn about the legal system in the places that you visit – giving you a great understanding of international law
  • Learn a language. Being multi-lingual is a fantastic skill to have – and what better way to learn than speaking with locals in the countries that you visit!

Building on these skills will be useful for your legal career and help you to stand out from other candidates.

Get social with it

Whatever you choose to do – whether working a non-legal job for a while, volunteering or travelling – there’s another way to boost your CV and set yourself apart from other applicants.
Take advantage of social media! Creating a legal focussed blog or engaging in legal discussions on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are great ways to show your passion and opinions.
All of this can be done in your spare time and is a brilliant way to show that you are excited by current affairs in the legal sector.

Most importantly, do what makes you happy. There are so many ways to put yourself at an advantage when beginning your legal career. Make the choice that work best for you!

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