Imposter syndrome and self confidence

We’ve all felt at times that we’re tackling imposter syndrome and lack of self confidence. It’s not unusual – that little voice in our heads that sometimes shakes our confidence and makes us feel like imposters. It can happen to any of us – but particularly if you’re starting a new job, recently qualified or been promoted. Don’t panic. We have some great tips for battling imposter syndrome and getting your self confidence back up!

Communicate your feelings

Firstly, talk about how you’re feeling. You’ll quickly realise that you’re not alone. Chatting with friends, family and trusted colleagues will help you to see different perspectives and get some sound advice from others who may have faced similar feelings. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved – you’ll feel better for letting others know how you’re feeling.

Ask for help

There’s no shame in asking for help – particularly when it comes to work. We all hit barriers sometimes. Working completely alone doesn’t often yield results – and your colleagues can be great sounding boards. Often, when we work things through with another person, we realise that we were on the right track – or we see where we were going wrong – it’s a win/win situation!
Learning really never ends at any point in your career. We’re always developing our skills and experience as we go – so don’t be afraid of checking with colleagues or asking for support. Letting go of the idea of being ‘perfect’ is also useful – we’re human, we make mistakes and don’t have all of the answers all of the time!

Credit where credit is due

Sometimes we forget to give ourselves credit. If you’ve recently secured a new role or promotion, think about how far you’ve come to this point. Being in a new or promoted position can be scary, but you wouldn’t be there if your employer thought that you weren’t capable.
You can adopt this thinking on a smaller, more daily scale too. At the end of the working day, list three achievements that you’ve made. No matter if they’re big or small – you’ll be feeling that confidence boost in no time! And remember – many of us are faking it ’till we make it! Sometimes it’s all about reminding ourselves just how far we’ve come.

Don’t make comparisons

It’s difficult not to compare ourselves to those around us – but it does us no good! Each of your colleagues will do things differently so trying to compare yourself is a pointless task. However, observing how others work can be really great for learning on the job. It’s also worth remembering that all of your experienced/senior colleagues were once junior and have probably experienced similar issues. You’ll find your way in your own time.

Take time out

Finally, remember to relax and take time out. Overworking yourself out of perceived necessity or stress will only lead you to make mistakes.
Do something enjoyable on your lunch break – like taking a walk or listening to a podcast. This will help you to relax and return to your desk feeling refreshed and ready to take on the afternoon!

Doubt can creep in at any time in your career but you can always find a path back to your most confident and successful self!

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