What does a recruiter do?

Most people have heard of recruiters – but not everyone has worked with one before. If you haven’t, you may be wondering, what does a recruiter do? – and how can a recruiter help you? So, RBUK Legal is here to demystify a recruiter’s work, better helping you to understand what we do and why using a recruiter might be useful for you!

Industry Specialist Knowledge

Having a great understanding of the industry that they’re recruiting in is a brilliant skill that recruiters have. Spending all day, every day focussing on building relationships and finding opportunities in a specialist industry is sure to create a highly knowledgable individual! Recruiters understand cultures of different firms, the needs of their clients and demands of the job market. As a result, specialist recruiter knows and can access the best opportunities for their candidates.

Building great working relationships

As well as working with candidates, recruiters build working relationships with clients. They will work hard to establish strong connections with multiple decision makers to ensure access to the best opportunities available. Through these relationships, recruiters will better understand the needs and requirements of their clients – making it easier to match the perfect candidate with the perfect role! Sometimes, these relationships mean that recruiters are able to speculatively reach out to clients in regards to candidates that they feel will be a good fit with the firm.

Offering solid advice

From advising you on your options, to running you through and helping you understand your market value – recruiters are on hand to give you solid advice. From the moment you make contact with a recruiter about your job search, they will be able to offer helpful advice. Your recruiter should be someone that you can trust to give you impartial advice, helping you when juggling multiple offers and making career decisions. From their knowledge and experience in various scenarios, with many candidates, recruiters have seen and heard it all when it comes to your job decisions! Lean on them for advice when you’re feeling a bit stuck.

Ensuring that you shine

Your recruiter wants to make sure that you get the best out of your recruitment experience. They will sharpen up your CV, tailoring it to best highlight your relevant skills and present you to prospective employers with your best foot forward! Recruiters are skilled in pulling all of the shiny, best bits from your CV and experience and marketing it to potential employers.

Briefing and preparation

Recruitment processes vary from employer to employer. This can be a little confusing at times. A recruiter will be able to explain the process to you, especially when you get to interview stage. During this time, your recruiter has invaluable information on how to approach the recruitment process. They will brief and prepare you for the process, ensuring that you can present your most desirable qualities to employers. These processes can also be time consuming to arrange, but your recruiter will do all the organising for you! Additionally, during interview stages, obtaining feedback is essential. Recruiters are well placed to get this information for you, helping you with your future applications.

Getting the best for you

When you’re finally in a position to make a decision on accepting a new role, recruiters will do what they can to negotiate the finer details for you. Whether it’s your salary or your start date, all of the important things that make accepting the job the best option for you – recruiters will negotiate it!

Using a recruiter for your job search takes much of the pressure off of you. A recruiters day is packed full of relationship building, CV editing, researching, negotiating and advising. However, we’re never too busy to chat through your options and support you in your career journey!

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