How to get promoted

Getting promoted is something that we all hope for at some point in our careers. Being ambitious and wanting that promotion isn’t enough to secure one though – there are certain things you can do to improve your chances and prove that you deserve that promotion! Find out how below…

how to get promoted

Put in the work

The best place to start is where you already are. Ensuring that you are fulfilling your job responsibilities to the best of your ability will get you noticed for all the right reasons.
Building a strong foundation in your day-to-day is absolutely essential to setting yourself up for success.
Make sure that you…

  • Show your passion for the role
  • Consistently work toward reaching (and excelling) your targets
  • Are confident in your ability and skills
  • Take responsibility for your tasks

Proving that you are committed to doing your best work on a daily basis will strengthen your case when you go for a promotion.

Find a mentor

Navigating your career alone can be difficult. If you can identify a mentor that will be happy to offer guidance and advice – it will propel your career in the right direction.
Some firms will offer formal mentoring programmes – but if your firm doesn’t, there are ways to build mentoring relationships yourself.

  • Identify a senior colleague who is in a position that you’d like to be in
  • Keep it professional! Ask them for their advice or guidance on work related issues
  • Show them what you can do! Make sure to let the know when you’re proud of what you’ve achieved 

Having a senior member of staff on your side that will advocate for your skills and ability will go a long way when you’re going for a promotion.

Make yourself visible

Don’t be shy about your achievements! It’s important to let people know how you’re progressing if you want to be considered for a promotion – particularly within a bigger firm.

  • If you’ve received a good client review, show your manager
  • If possible, quantify the results of your hard work and share them with your manager
  • Keep a track of your success so that it can be evidenced

Celebrating your own success is great for your self confidence and will help senior colleagues recognise you too!

Be a team player

Whether that’s within your own department or across the firm with extra activities (like committees or boards) – be a team player!

  • Supporting those who are more junior or struggling will show your skills and build your reputation as a supportive and encouraging employee – team success is integral to firms as a whole!
  • Taking part in committees or boards will help you to form strong bonds with other colleagues and show your commitment to cultivating a great culture within the firm. You might even gain some extra experience that will be useful too!

Broadening and growing

Your skillset may go beyond your job role. Why not take on some additional responsibilities to build on this?

You might have some dynamic ideas for social media engagement/content, or maybe you’re particularly good at networking?
Volunteering to contribute in these additional areas is a great way to show willingness and commitment to the firm.

If you’ve identified a particular promotion path that requires additional qualifications, why not get yourself on some courses? There are many free resources out there to boost your skills, and lots of extra qualifications that can be completed that are specific to certain areas of law.

Taking these opportunities to up-skill at any chance you get will only help your chances for promotion!

Make your intentions known

When you’ve strengthened your foundation – it’s time to make it known that you’d like to be promoted.

Putting in the hard work is just a part of the process – decision makers are not mind readers! It won’t hurt to communicate that you are motivated to make that next step – even if it doesn’t happen immediately.

You can also take this opportunity to gain insight and feedback into what else you can do to improve!

Have a Plan B

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a promotion within your current firm may not be viable.
Have a Plan B!

If a promotion is looking unlikely, it might be time to move on.

Consider your options, talk to a recruiter. Your next step might just be around the corner!

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