Up-skilling to secure your career

As the working world continues to change and develop, we have to face that we need to find ways to secure our job and long term careers. Up-skilling is one of the ways that you can do this – so why is it important and what areas can you up-skill in to make yourself an invaluable employee?

Why up-skilling is important

The job market is ever changing and developing. This affects the way that employers recruit. They may no longer just be looking for someone who can do the work and has the experience to back it up, but they will seek extra skills that make for a well-rounded and valuable employee.
Aside from setting you apart from competition during the recruitment process, up-skilling opens up your potential opportunities. Having those additional skills could expose you to work that you may not have otherwise experienced, opening up your career opportunities even more!
So, what areas are beneficial to up-skill in?

Digital skills

Up-skilling your digital skills and knowledge is increasingly important in the tech-focussed world we live in. If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that the work of remote working is only possible through technology – so brushing up your digital skills is vital. Here are some things to consider when thinking about up-skilling digitally…

  • Familiarising yourself up tech for meetings (Zoom, Microsoft Teams) and brushing up your presentation skills (Powerpoint etc.). These sound obvious, but employers will prefer someone who fully understands and can use these tools.
  • Learning how to use different softwares and case management systems. As with the above point, employers will prefer someone who can easily get to grips with the software that they use. If you can learn these before you need to be taught, you’ll have saved both yourself and your employer some time.
  • Having an understanding of social media platforms. If your company doesn’t have a dedicated social media team and you can spend some of your time working on this for them – you’re on to a winner! Having an additional skill like this will set your apart from competition but also give you some extra experience in a different area.

Technical/qualified skills

Up-skilling with qualifications is another way keep yourself ahead of the competition. Completing qualifications or gaining recognised accreditations in specific areas of work that are important for your job, or that interest you if you’re considering a job change will help to boost your job security. Having certain qualifications or accreditations are also more likely to give you opportunities to complete certain tasks that others without these skills may not be able to do.

People skills

Having certain skills that are more personable is a great way to up-skill. You might consider…

  • Gaining supportive qualifications, such as a Mental Health First Aid course.
  • Developing or joining a board or committee at your company.
  • Attending training or workshops on management, diversity and inclusion, etc.

These are all great ways to ensure that you understand and can help to improve the workplace and support your colleagues.

Networking skills

Networking is a proven way of generating new business and developing genuine working relationships. Attending regular networking events, getting involved and supporting local events are great ways to improve your networking skills.
You can check out our blog post on networking here for further advice!

When thinking about securing your career and up-skilling, remember to never stop learning and expanding! Knowledge is power, and having these skills will help you to make yourself an invaluable employee.

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