Job adverts: don’t be afraid of artificial boundaries…

Looking for a new role can feel daunting, especially when you start to look at job adverts that outline all the requirements for the role and you don’t feel like you fit many of them.

Some adverts written by agencies or firms can be too specific. This makes candidates feel as though they shouldn’t apply although they might have the necessary experience to do the job.

These ‘artificial boundaries’ narrow down a talent pool for recruitment and make it more difficult to find ideal candidates. There is no such thing as a ‘perfect candidate’ and while some firms will have non-negotiable requirements – just like some candidates with specific location or salary requirements – there are also things that they will be happy to be more flexible with.

Things to consider…

Looking at qualifying experience is a good place to start. Someone with a strong few years’ experience in their career is no less experienced because they aren’t formally qualified! Having the necessary experience in practice could be all you need to secure that new role.

Remember: Occasionally, a firm will require someone formally qualified for a department to gain a certain accreditation. If this isn’t expressed in the advert, then it is worth applying.

Some job adverts ask for educational qualifications. Qualifications like this have changed over time, such as ‘O’ Levels (which are now known as GCSE’s). This can be confusing for applicants but shouldn’t stop you from applying. Also, quite often, practical experience outweighs educational qualifications.

If you’re unsure: Check with someone who might know about these qualifications, ring the firm and ask to speak to the job poster – or google it if you’re really stuck!

Job adverts can’t tell you if you’ll be the right fit culturally for a firm. They are usually written with a workload in mind, instead of the working environment. The only way to see if your skills, experience and personality match up is to apply!

You never know: Although an agency or firm don’t think you’re suitable for one role, they might have something else for you that isn’t advertised yet. Send your details in to find out.

There are many circumstances where firms will be flexible with their requirements. It just depends on what scope there is.
Job specifications are guidelines for a role. They act as a filter so that candidates who are most suitable will apply, but this doesn’t mean that you must hit on every mark.

Don’t be frightened of artificial boundaries & don’t let them stop you from applying for a job that could potentially be the next best move for your career!

At RBUK Legal, we welcome applications from candidates with varying levels of experience. We encourage you to apply or give us a call to chat through your experience and what you’re looking for in your next role.

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