A New Season… A New Job?

As August draws to a close, and Autumn gets closer – you might start thinking about getting a new job.

It’ll come as no surprise that recruitment picks back up in September. Many hiring managers and decision makers have returned from their summer holidays and are ready to focus on recruitment again. August can be a bit slow, so be prepared to up your job search in September!

Usually, there are more jobs around in the Autumn months – particularly in September and October. After the summer break, many employees feel renewed and refreshed. They’re looking to grow their businesses and bring people on board to fulfil their goals. This is the perfect time to really refine your search and go in a new direction – look for a new role that aligns with your career aspirations.

Finally, the long summer evenings are darker and chillier. You’re waiting in the rain and wind for the bus (and you forgot your umbrella), that hour long commute seems to take forever! You’d like to be at home, with a cup of tea, by the fire. Maybe finding a job closer to home is the answer?

September brings with it new beginnings, the start of a new school year and possibly the start of a new adventure. Autumn is the perfect time for job hunting!

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