Reasons to consider relocating to the North West

If you’re already looking for a new role, considering to relocate can open up your options. Relocation is something to consider seriously, taking all of your personal factors into account. That being said, if you are looking to broaden your horizons – why not consider the North West? Ever wondered what’s on offer up here? Find out our reasons to consider relocating to the North West!

reasons to consider relocating to the north west

Buzzing cities

If you’re looking for a bit of excitement in your choice of where to live – the North West has some busy and exciting options.
Manchester and Liverpool are only a stones throw from each other. Both boast vibrant nightlife, unique activities, plenty of delicious dining out options and a variety of independent and popular shopping opportunities!
Having the ability to pop between both cities with such ease is a bonus too!

Relaxing countryside and coastlines

If buzzing life in the city isn’t for you, or sometimes you fancy a wander through nature – the North West has some beautiful countryside and coastlines right on it’s doorstep!
As a result, being able to escape for a muddy walk on a Sunday in the Peak District, enjoying a picnic on a summer’s day at Formby Beach or escaping for a weekend in the Lake District is a fabulous bonus to living and working in the North West.

More for your money

Renting or buying, eating or drinking out – prices in the North are just cheaper than the south!
Although prices are on the rise in general at the moment, your money will still go much further in the North.
In fact, many businesses choose to set up offices in the North as their overheads are cheaper. Many brilliant, leading law firms are based in the North West. Finding jobs at reputable firms with quality work is no problem at all!

Getting around

Transport accessibility in the North West is easy, reliable and quick. Whether you’re commuting into the city centre of Manchester or Liverpool, or just planning an evening out – you’ll get around with the ease of trams or buses.
Manchester and Liverpool are well connected to other large cities in the UK too. Leeds, Birmingham and London are all within 2.5 hours of travel by train!

Different pace of life

The South is renowned for fast living. Work hard and play hard is the mentality. Whereas the North has a more chilled way of life. This naturally impacts your work-life balance as there is likely to more emphasis on slowing down after work and taking time to recharge. With the stresses that work can bring, it’s important for us to look after ourselves to avoid burning out.
Work hard, recharge hard!

Taking everything into consideration, it’s no wonder that many students choose to stay in the North West after university, and many locals return after time away. The North West is magnetic and the pull is strong (ask our director – she’s converted to a Northerner!)
Need more reasons to consider relocating to the North West? No, we didn’t think so either…

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