5 reasons to work with RBUK Legal!

There are plenty of recruitment agencies out there to choose from – this is an undisputed fact. We wanted to take the time to share what you can expect when choosing to work with RBUK Legal and the things that we do to ensure that you’re getting the absolute best service from us.

1 – Experience

Our combined experience speaks for itself. With over 50 years in the legal recruitment industry, you can rest assured that we know our stuff!
RBUK Legal’s experience means that we understand the legal job market, and will advise where we can. We’ll happily share our knowledge with our clients as we believe this helps us reach a mutual understanding on your needs and how we can help.

2 – Understanding

Our understanding comes partly from our experience, but it’s also about understanding your requirements. We work to clearly understand your needs, by discussing this thoroughly.
We understand how frustrating the recruitment process can be so we like to try and keep it as simple and easy as possible. If there are any mistakes or misunderstandings on our part, we’ll do what we can to rectify this as soon as possible and work to minimise the impact on you.

3 – Fees and Rebate

Our fees are competitive and fair against the current market. We have extended payment terms too.
We also offer a full range of rebate terms, if you do find yourself not quite satisfied with your placement.
We’re firm believers that you get what you pay for, and we work to give you the best value for money!

4 – Accountability and Transparency

We strive to have honest relationships with all of our clients. You can expect honesty from us every step of the way. We’ll take responsibility for the things that we can control, and will aim to keep you updated regularly.
Keeping a full audit trail, management reports and KPI’s helps us maintain our accountability.
There will always be room for improvement, so we encourage regular feedback from our clients. This ensures that we’re doing the best we can, while giving us the opportunity to implement any improvements.

5 – Enjoy working with us!

We want you to enjoy working with RBUK Legal! To make this as easy and enjoyable as possible, you can rely on us to:

  • Stay in touch – we’re reachable via email or phone during our working hours but we’re happy to chat outside of these hours if needed.
  • Stay positive – recruitment can be stressful but we’re here to help you keep your spirits up and find you some great candidates. You can expect bubbly enthusiasm from us!
  • Keep it friendly, but professional – we’re a small, specialist agency so we like to work in an approachable and personable way. Building great working relationships with our clients is so important to us.

Finding the right recruitment agency can be a task – but with RBUK Legal, you’re in reliable hands!

We’re looking forward to working with you! – you can make an enquiry here.

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