Tips for securing your first role

Securing your first role when you have minimal, or no, experience feels difficult. You may face rejections and feel lost at times – but there are things that you can do to increase your chances of securing that first role sooner. Here are some tips for securing your first role!

Refine your job search

Haphazardly applying for everything and anything out there doesn’t work. This is particularly important to consider when you’re applying for your first job that is a step on the ladder for your long term career. You should look for a role that will give you skills and experience to benefit you in the long run. Finding a firm that suits you culturally is also important, as you want to ensure that you will be happy there. Researching different types of law firms, big and small and checking out their values will give you a good indication of what you feel aligns with you. These considerations will help you to focus when applying for roles.
A recruiter can also come in handy here – recruiters will be happy to chat through your options and requirements, then approach some firms on their client base that are suited to your needs.
If you’ve never worked with a recruiter before, you may find our blog on Working With A Recruitment Agency helpful.

Be well prepared

Creating a tailored CV for each job that you apply for is important. You can highlight your specific skills that relate to the role requirements of each position, which will ensure that your CV stands out among the crowd!
If you secure an interview, you should know your CV well. This way, you can answer questions or expand on anything that you have listed. Be ready to talk about projects, particular responsibilities or duties that you’ve held.

Highlight your transferrable skills

Don’t play down the skills that you do have! It’s easy to feel that your experience isn’t relevant enough when you’ve not had your first ‘proper’ job yet. Don’t fall into this trap. Consider where you can highlight your transferrable skills…

  • Having a job in the hospitality or retail industry is great for your customer service skills
  • Any work in call centres or voluntary helplines improves your communication/telephone skills
  • Being part of a sports team, or in a society during university will highlight your teamwork skills
  • Time management skills can be developed through administrative roles and by working to university deadlines
  • Any voluntary work will highlight your empathy skills

Many of these skills can be gained while you’re doing your job search. Check out our blog on this for more advice.

Put yourself out there

Confidence is key. Make sure that you are utilising networking sites like LinkedIn, attending networking events (if possible!) and putting yourself out there as a confident, professional and friendly individual. If you’re submitting a cover letter for a role, ensure that it is professional, clear and engaging. At this stage of your career, it is important to build relationships through good impressions. You never know – it may be beneficial to you in the future of your career!

Don’t give up!

Challenging as job searching is – don’t give up. You will get there!
Keep improving your interview techniques, gaining transferrable skills and putting yourself out there. Remember how much of an asset you are and persevere! The more practice you have – the better you’ll be so don’t let any rejections put you off.

Securing your first role takes determination but when you finally do it, you’ll feel fantastic! Follow our tips for securing your first role to improve your chances.

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